Spectrum Manufacturing Inc.'s mission is as a designer and manufacturer of value priced products for the entertainment and event lighting industry. It markets its products primarily through exclusive distribution agreements with leading international distributors.

It actively seeks partnership agreements with international distributors or major users to design and manufacture products that fill a market niche.

SMI has its origins as a scroller manufacturing division of a leading international lighting rental company. Under the visionary leadership of the company's founder, it became a leading manufacturer of colour scrollers by pioneering the use of composite materials, injection moulding and state of the art electronics, which enabled the company to produce value priced products significantly expanding the customer base for colour scrollers.

Since its inception in l996, over 30,000 colour scrollers have been manufactured and shipped to all areas of the globe. Currently, the company produces 9 product lines of scrollers that are marketed under various private brand names, such as Chroma Q. In l998, the company moved to it's new stand alone manufacuring facility.

The next few years were characterized by the introduction of additional product lines, Gobo Rotators, Power Supplies, and a Custom Gel String manufacturing operation.